Friday, January 2, 2009

To Natalie's House We Go

We left Florida December 19 a little worried that we might be spending part of our vacation in Houston, Salt Lake was snowing and flights were being canceled. We even carried 4 decks of cards with us so we could play Hand and Foot (canasta) all night long if needed. In Salt Lake Kent fell into a fabulous deal on a car rental - we got a mini van for two weeks at a price that was equal to 1/2 a week.
We spent our first day visiting with Kent's parents, shopping for last minute stuff, visiting with my parents and then we were off to Idaho with a short stop in Logan. Or so we thought...Somewhere near the Willard Bay exit along I-15 there was a huge accident that involved a total of 31 cars, South bound was closed and we were North bound with the nearest exit 5 miles away, it took us nearly 2 hours to get through that mess.
We got to Logan eventually in a round about way, visited with Chad, Shannon and the girls, (Grammy gave them each a Pez candy machine and even Lexi snuggled up enjoying pulling the little pieces of candy from the snowman's mouth).
We added Brandon and Ali to our car making our group six (Kent, Judi, Jordyn, Blake, Brandon, Ali) Made the drive to Idaho without much more excitement but arriving too late to see James.
I gave him his pez Santa at church the next day and he sat still for a little while.
Well that is about it for this one. sorry no pictures...Natalie, Chad if you have any feel free to add them. Next Post...Our time at Natalie and Doug's.

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