Monday, December 7, 2009


The annual Health Food Expo that happens every December in Florida was held at the amazing resort The Gaylord, located about 5 minutes from all the Disney parks. Kent had a Best Ball tournament on Thursday where he was disappointed to take second place earning a $50.00 gift certificate at the pro shop.
Blake, Jordyn and I drove up Thursday night and stayed for a couple of days. The Gaylord was amazing inside, like a little village, our room was like a little apartment with a bedroom a sitting room and a dining room. We had two balcony's overlooking the atrium. All of this is inside.

View from balcony at night

View from balcony during day

Stage to the left had shows several times at night

Boat behind us is a restaurant in Key West area of hotel
Friday we went to Animal Kingdom. It was cold and rainy but it made all the lines really short.
Tree of Life

This is the male Gorilla, he has 3 girl friends
Video of Gorilla and one of his girlfriends

this is another girlfriend

The safari ride was really cool. We had to do it twice because Kent thought it was pretend for most of the first time through.

We are trying to look rain drenched
Friday night we visited the ICE display in the convention center of the resort.


We had a wonderful Thanksgiving celebration, we shared it with family and friends. Those who came were of course Kent, Judi Blake and Jordyn in addition we had Brandon and Alison, the spanish speaking Elders, friend of Blake and Jordyn's - Jeff Midgley, And the Norton family including Rick and Judi, Justin and Shayla, Daniel and Judi's sister Debbie. If you are counting that adds up to 15. We set up the tables in the front room. Dinner was amazing and yummy too.
Activities after dinner included a game of chipping wiffle balls into the pool at targets with assigned points. Followed by a rousing game of scum with new rules.
I was disappointed we didn't take pictures of the dinner or scum game.