Monday, September 22, 2008


Follow up stories

Remember this spider from Labor Day weekend? Well we thought you would be interested to know that she comes out and makes a web almost every night, I've looked and the web is still there at 6:00 a.m. every morning but by the time the sun comes up - she and the web are gone.

Remember this beached boat from Tropical Storm Fay? Well Jordyn was informed at school the next day that a bunch of people from the Bahama's stole the boat and used it to get to the USA where they are probably living now illegally.

Sunday, September 21, 2008


This story just in from our Jupiter beach Location. ...
Joint effort as family rescues man from possible drowning.

Our story begins Saturday afternoon as the Keyser family decide to try out their new surf board at the local beach. The waves were high and breaking in several places as they approached the beach with the last break crashing directly on the beach. Paddling out was difficult as each wave could send the swimmer back 10 feet. Once out beyond the break the only way back in was on a wave as the rip currents were running strong that day, as swimmer Kent Keyser will testify he struggled on his boogie board in such a current. Kent Keyser was actually the first to see the unknown swimmer struggling in the rip tide and he wondered out loud to his daughter Jordyn "does that man need help"? Grabbing both his boogie boards he started to run down the beach in the direction of the swimmer when he met up with his wife Judi, son Brandon and daughter in-law Ali, after a brief discussion it was decided that the man was indeed in trouble and that Brandon should be the one to swim out. Brandon quickly attached both boards to his arm and began swimming as he neared the swimmer he heard the man exclaim "you gotta help me man" Brandon helped the 38 year old man (with a heart condition) onto the boogie board and stayed with him until they were roughly thrown on shore by the waves at which point the boogie board the man was on snapped in two. Ali thought the man might be thirsty and Jordyn fetched water from the family supply, (Man was not thirsty). During this excitement of the rescue Judi was able to comfort the man's mother where she learned that the swimmer was 38 years old and had a heart condition. Also we might mention that there were two other would be rescuer who reached the man on their surf boards just after Brandon, and seeing that Brandon, a skilled Eagle Scout, had things in control moved quickly out of the way.
A side note - after the rescue the mother/son reimbursed the Keyser family for the broken boogie board. Brandon was able to take the family's new/used surf board out where he was able to catch a wave and ride the board.
Rescue Swimming

Rescue landing

Trying to paddle out

Catching a wave

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Weekend Fun

No pictures I'm sorry to say. Last night we went to Best Buy and bought a new computer screen.
Today, Saturday, Dad went to work for about 5 hours, Jordyn took the ACT again and I installed the new computer screen.
Then we went to the beach (what else would we do on a very hot Saturday afternoon) There were some waves to play in and a family with two children arrived at the same time as us, the dad had a large surf board and a small surf board and of course I struck up a conversation with them. the boy is 4 (turns 5 next weekend). then we were in the waves playing and Jordyn was trying to surf again pretty soon the dad comes out with his boy on the big surf board and starts helping him catch waves. He's good and is working on learning to turn the board in the waves. Soon the dad starts giving suggestions to Jordyn and before we are finished with our day this dad takes Jordyn out on his board and works with her. She catches a few waves and actually had a couple of good rides. We learned a lot about this dad, like he is from Calif. very good surfer, instructor and lifeguard, the only thing I didn't get is his name and phone number so we could set up some surfing lessons when Blake and Natalie come to visit. We do have to get a different board though the one we have is for experienced surfers. wish I had a camera.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Brandon took his Boards a few weeks ago and has been very anxious for the results as the exams were harder than he expected. Well he was notified yesterday that HE PAST!!!! yea! he can work on real people next year. Want to schedule an appointment:)

Beach gone thanks to Gustav

This is the beach right across the intra coastal from us, Coral Cove, about 8 or nine feet of beach was cut away. This last weekend I took Brandon and his friends to see the destructions and to my surprise all the sand was back maybe even more. Now that Ike is here we'll have to go see if there is more missing.

Blowing Rocks 2008 Thanks to Ike

Let's get out of here before the big wave hits
Too Late

What are you running from?

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Labor Day Weekend

Brandon came to visit us over the holiday weekend. Alison was in Arizona with her family, we missed her. Friday night we had a late dinner and then went bowling. It has become a habit of Kent's to golf on Saturday and that is exactly what he and Brandon did, then as always when Brandon comes we have to go to the beach. Because of the disturbances in the ocean (Gustav and Hanna) the waves were very rough and nearly impossible to stay on our feet. Later we watched some college football.

This is Brandon and Kent watching football.We finished the night off with a few wild games of Hand and Foot. Sunday was the usual, church dinner, a walk on the beach and more Hand and Foot. Monday we made an early trip to the beach and played on the boogy boards and surf board. The waves were huge but easier to manage and we had a lot of fun. Brandon had to leave to get home in time for Ali's flight With the rest of the day still at hand Kent headed to the golf course and Jordyn did homework.
That's what we did how was your weekend. We sure would love to have you all come and visit.

This what Kent does after golf! I think he is reliving some of his better shots.


Report from Dubois beach Sunday August 31
Local 8 year old boy catching a wave. I talked with him and asked how long he's been surfing. He couldn't really say only he was paddling when he was three and riding on his dad's shoulders when he was two.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Brandon carries the Keyser family neanderthal gene.


While visiting Grandmother and Grandad Rowland August 2008 Myra helped find this bat.

Saturday night walking Gypsy we discovered this spider in our front yardhow would you like to walk into this web!

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