Saturday, February 28, 2009


Jordyn had a great birthday (as good as it can be when it's just you and your two parents)Dad is very proud of his sign, he thinks this may be one of his best yet.
But tradition lives on...can you find the mistake in this one?

We took Jordyn to dinner at a fancy restaurant. She had a yummy Sea Bass and I had a yummy skirt steak with chimchurri sauce. Dad's looked the best but wasn't. Jordyn got calls from everyone. here she is talking to Grandma or Grandpa.

And then there is the traditional B day cake with the bad singing.

Sunday, February 15, 2009


Jordyn had a double date for valentines. The date involved the four of them coming to our house and making a lasagna, while it was cooking they played Halo. As she tells it. The food was great, the boys had seconds and thirds. After dinner they played a game involving shooting Nerf darts at each other (she says that was the most fun) The date ended with desert the boys brought and walking Gypsy. Jordyn says it was really fun. She may be in big trouble though because they did not take pictures so we will just have to imagine.

Dad and I had to evacuate the house for the evening so we drove to Cocoa Beach. We had an early dinner at the Lobster Shanty. This restaurant had a lot of atmosphere.

We had seating on the water.We had a view of interesting structures
And a long dock that we could walk down and see where we were sitting.
another view from the end of the dock.
From our hotel we walked to the beach
and saw a sunset
but we never did get anyone to take our picture together.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


I know I just added 3 posts, (hope you enjoyed the sunsets and food) I think with me it's either feast or famine. Anyway today Jordyn, and I went to a shopping area where David Archuleta was giving a mini concert. Kent met us there. It was fun and short. The sun was in David's eyes and someone lent him glasses, I think they are girls glasses. Here are some pics we took.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Looking For a Prom Dress

While in Salt Lake we looked for a modest prom dress, something that doesn't exist in Florida
we had fun taking pictures. We haven't received the dress we picked so we will have to post a picture of the winner later.

Break From Christmas Pictures

We exchanged Grandma and Grandpa's camera for a better more functional one and before we sent it to them we took some Florida Pictures for them to enjoy.
We start with some sunrise pictures dad took on his way to work one Saturday morning.Followed by a picture of one of my coconut trees. I have now transplanted this one into a pot so Kent can give it to someone at his office.
We finish with pictures of our neighborhood modeled by Jordyn


Sunday we prepared for the Super Bowl in the usual way. Lots of food and fun people.
Jordyn is seen here trying to decided between chips and bean dip or fried chicken wings in honey mustard dip. She ended up taking both.

We really didn't have a "dog in the fight" but were looking forward to some great commercials. We were a bit disappointment in that area but if I had to pick a favorite it would be the Doritos ad where guy gets slammed by a bus when his chips are gone. Do you have a favorite commercial?
At half time we had to say good bye to our company as they had a long drive home.
The game was great and we had a good time!