Thursday, January 1, 2009


This is my mailbox decoration for Autumn

We haven't posted anything for a really long time and we have a lot to share. I thought it best if I did it in little posts so we will start with Thanksgiving. If I had been on top of things I think I would have had a message about all that we are thankful for (which there are a lot, like family, health, job, church grandchildren etc.) Lucky you I"ll just share events.
Thanksgiving was a very long weekend for us Starting on Wednesday we had Ali and Brandon come up, we started cooking and preparing for the big dinner that day and we must have done something fun like go to the beach or something that night.
Thanksgiving day I probably spent the morning in the kitchen cooking and Kent probably went golfing or something like that, I was in the kitchen most of the day and then Melissa and Sean showed up with their girls and I abandoned everyone in the kitchen to go make turkey pictures with the girls. (Thanks Linda for sharing your grandchildren with me). Too soon I was forced to resume my responsibilities. We set the table for 11 people as the missionaries came for their second meal of the day. The food was traditional and great.When finished we rushed the missionaries out and hurried off to - where else - the beach, it was a fairly cool day so no swimming, just shell collecting. Then back to the house for pie! YUM!
We set the girls up with paint and they did cute things to their shells while most of us played games and Sean watched football.
Friday we ventured out too early for the black Friday sells, Kent and Brandon left us early to go golfing, Ali, Jordyn and I finished our shopping and went home to rest. We played the rest of the weekend, Brandon and Ali stayed until early Sunday morning.

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