Tuesday, January 27, 2009

After Christmas

December 26th we packed up and left the townhouse and everyone kind of went their own way. Brandon and Ali went to Logan to spend time with her family, Chad and Shannon went to Salt Lake to spend time with her family, shop and go to a class reunion, Natalie and Doug moved to Grandma and Grandpa Keyser's where they had room to sleep and Dad, Jordyn and Judi went to Grandmother and Grandad's. That night quite a few of the Rowland family gathered to visit, Chad and Shannon dropped by for a bit and for a little while it was fun to have everyone together, Grandad took pictures whenever he could.
The next day Natalie and Doug were so nice to let us take James to the Chlidren's Museum (actually it was their idea, I think we heard celabrating as we drove away:) We had such a great time withJames. What a fun place to take kids.

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