Monday, June 21, 2010

First Picture of Injury

The incident or occurrence happened early Saturday morning, June 19, 2010, on the Ocean just North of the Jupiter Inlet, without to much detail we were on wave runners enjoying smooth blue water headed out to snorkel. I... stopped to communicate about where we were headed, 10-20 seconds later looked back and my Son and his wife were headed right at my boat. He was looking around and did not know I stopped and Boom…fortunately he was able to start a turn and did not hit direct, just caught the right side of my boat and my leg dead on. I spent a few minutes in the Ocean as shark bait before we gathered ourselves together and drove in off the water… Judi picked me up and chauffeured me to my week-long get away.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Story This Week

We are out in the ocean and we are riding around. We stop to have a conversation and I see this big brown blob. I ask "is that a sea cow or a big buoy or what" (I thought Sea Cow because it was just floating and not making any progress in any direction) So we go over to have a look and see this big turtle. Alive but not doing to well. we called Fish and game and they called the turtle people but no one called us back. We played in the area for about an hour and no one came so we gave up and headed home. Sad story. While we were waiting we did see something with a fin keep showing up but never found out if it was dolphin or shark.

On the way back we came across this little guy

I guess he is at least 6 ft. wide maybe more he did swim under Kent's wave runner and Kent thought he was bigger than the machine.

Thursday, June 10, 2010


Room with a view

Saw Five Black Bear

Trapper John

Feeding Beaver

Beaver Dam

Stories Behind the Fun

The story not told about the previous post.

Memorial weekend and the inter-coastal was packed with boats, we were so glad to be able to head out to the ocean. It was a bit rough especially around the inlet. We road south to the Juno pier and then turned around and went north to the coral cove beach. Kent was playing in the waves, riding them in and then turning back out when one caught him off guard and threw him in the water. He was quite a ways away from his runner so I picked him up and gave him a ride back that's when he discovered the kill key was not on his wrist. We hurried back to where he was in the ocean and found it floating in the water Kent dived in to retrieve the key only to come out of the water without his glasses. We drove back to the inter-coast and drove down to our neighborhood, I held the runners while Kent ran home to get a spare pair of glasses and then we started back to the loading dock....We had had enough or so we thought. It was a holiday and the inter-coastal was full of police and we were pulled over just before the wake-less speed zone, we found out that the area near the beach/homes where we lived was also wake-less even though out in the canal you can go 35 so we got a speeding ticket. Later that day we called Kent's eye dr. in SLC and were able to order glasses and get them shipped next day .... just in time for Kent to use them as a object lesson at his conference.

The next weekend and a new story.
Of course the Saturday morning started out with a golf game for Kent and so by the time he was home and we were loading and heading out to launch the runners we were in a bit of a hurry to beat the storms that have been coming every afternoon/evening. We launched and then as usual I road around in circles while Kent tied his up and ran to park the car. We hadn't gone very far (thank goodness) when Kent discovered he was sinking and quite quickly. Realizing we had not replaced the drain plugs we turned around and hurried to re-load the runners....depending on the emergency I guess, because I have seen Kent handle some quite well, but not this one....first he parked his runner in a boat launch and quite close to the ramp. I was worried that he would hit it with the trailer when he backed in....he missed it but it was interesting to watch....then once loaded he started to pull out while I was still on the trailer, I held on and yelled for him to stop just I was noticing one runner starting to slide off the trailer, .....he didn't lock the winch in place so I guess it was a good thing I was still on the trailer or that one would have been stuck on dry dock. That was it for the excitement though..... we drained the one runner, (mined didn't take on water...either the plugs hold it out or it was because I was in motion). We launched and headed out to the ocean again. We drove north to Blowing Rocks and beyond. swam and raced and had a really great time. No tickets no lost glasses. Can't wait to share this with you all. Come on out and visit.

Hopefully no more stories this Saturday. If there are .... then there will be another post.