Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Fall Life in Florida

What we have been doing this October.

After swimming and canoeing in the inter coastal Gypsy needed a bath.
She didn't want one though.
Jordyn has been known to steel flowers from the neighbors
We planted mums in the front yard
Learned farming from our children

This is Bean. She showed up one morning and has been living on our porch ever since. She tries (successfully) to get in the house every day.
Gypsy's new hair cut
Gypsy thinks Bean is admiring her new look

Grandad gave me this idea about growing a tomato upside down

Still swimming in the pool every day.

We are trying tomato's in the ground this year. (Usually I grow them in a pot by the pool)

Monday, October 19, 2009


I few into Colorado on a Tuesday and spent most of the next week fixing up things around the house.
Tuesday: Arrived at airport and picked up rental car. Drove to Parker and shopped for groceries. Met Mike at Home Depot and picked out tile for bathroom floor.
Wednesday: Begin floor replacement, Kristen came by with lunch, cleaning, shopping, met new tenants. Etc.
Also got to pick Mikes brain about remodeling this bathroom so we can have the shower room we want and a tub and not knock out the office in the process. Mikes idea....expand the room out. build onto the house. maybe like adding a bay-window without the big windows. Great idea.
Thursday-Friday: More of the same, work, work, work. Carpet cleaners, pool table movers, trips to the library every day to work on the internet.
Saturday: located one lid to septic tank, Kent finds the other that night in the dark. Borrow truck, trailer and tractor from good neighbors, Paula and John. Pick Kent up at airport, home in time for Tashina's wedding reception.
Sunday: Church in Elizabeth ward. Still feels like home. Dinner with Christiansen's, caught a bit of the Bronco football game. Had to leave early Bishop Bart was having a youth fireside. We had a little fire in the fire pit, enjoyed the cool weather.
Monday: Kent is able to take truck and trailer full of junk to dump yard early back by 8:00. Septic pumped, fireplace set straight, broken basket ball stand dug up, wahser/dryer moved to basement storage. Kent to airport. Dinner at Kristen's with the kids and missionaries.
Tuesday: Clean up all my stuff, pack and load car. Leslie shows me her new home. Kristen meets me at my place and takes my leftover food.
Left a list of projects for friend Mike to do. Replace kitchen faucets, replace guts from hall toilet, fix leak on jacuzzi tub so water doesn't run on power box. Flashing on gutter to stop leak/ice on porch.
We almost got to see our favorite
tree at our favorite time of the year.

The color we painted the girls room.

Had to take a picture of my favorite thing...
the spice shelves Blake and I built in the pantry. :D


Flew into Salt Lake Tuesday night. Car rental didn't have the "standard" car I reserved had to settle for a SUV crossover. Darn :D
Tuesday-Wednesday: Stayed with my parents. Helped my dad located a new Hallmark card program for his computer. Showed my mom how to do Sudoku. Visited Aunt Pat.
Thursday-Friday: drove up to Logan to spend time with Chad's family. :D. Read lots and lots of books to the girls. Played games in and outside, shopped, lunches out. Dinner out. Toy Story 3-D Friday night. Amazed the girls and Noah made it through both shows. Amazed I made it through both shows.
Saturday-Monday morning:Watched morning conference, shopped for food supplies, drove to Bear Lake for weekend. Played with girls at playground before the cold moved in on us. watched both sessions of conference, played with glow sticks at night, jumped on beds. (not me, really!).

Saw leaves changing, and snow on the ground.
Tuesday-Wednesday: more play time with girls....and Noah. Went to a soft play place and had fun on slides and mats.
Left to pick Kent up from airport.


Week 3 of my trip was the most fun. Actually it was only 5 days but the most busiest fun filled of the whole trip.
Wednesday: drove from Logan to Salt Lake.
My parents: Computer time with Dad. Sudoku time with Dad. Home made bread with parents. Visit until time to pick Kent up at midnight.
Thursday: Stayed with Kent's parents while Kent worked in Provo and Draper. Drove back to Logan. Dinner with Chad's family.
Friday: Kent golfed in Brigham with Chad and brother Mike. Swam at hotel with girls, Natalie's family joined us in time for dinner. Card games in our hotel room while kids slept in other room. (used hotel phone as monitor)
Saturday:Kent drove to Salt Lake for work. The rest of us swam in hotel pool, went to a farmers market and had lunch. Kent joined us for a trip to the American West Heritage Center. Had a lot of fun there, pony rides, train rides, chasing chickens, mazes, hay stacks, shooting vegetables from a sling. Down side: Myra broke her arm jumping from the hay stack. Freak accident but she had to go to Salt Lake to have "wires" (more like rods) put in her arm to stabilize the bone. Dinner that night and then more card games back at hotel.
The infamous hay stack

Sunday: was almost canceled due to the broken arm but amazingly Myra was released very early in the morning and Chad's family was able to make it back to Logan in time to bless their baby Noah. Nice meeting followed by dinner at Golden Corral (Shannon planned a nice dinner but but with the trip to the hospital and all..... The restaurant was a nice back up plan though) I've posted just a few of my favorite pictures but Natalie has done a really nice slide show just click here. It's worth the visit.
Sunday continued: Kent's family got together at his parents, nice visit with everyone. Took Kent to airport at midnight. Back to my parents for the night and next day.
Monday: Set my dad's computer up with firefox and quick link tabs. drove out to Farmington to see sister Sue's new yard. (really Nice). She has water falls, fountains, ponds and streams and the only picture I have is of her ducks by the shed. What a miss. Take my word for it her yard is beautiful. (Grandad send me some pictures to post)

Dinner and card games with my parents. had a really great time.