Sunday, April 26, 2009

Catching Up or Old Stuff

I never finished blogging about Chad's family visit and since then a lot more has happened that I am sure I will not remember to share. I thought I would try to go through pictures and see what happens.

Saturday beach pictures

Sunday we went to the rocky beach to catch the space shuttle launch
watching the launch

the shuttle in flightthe shuttle looks different on video

This first video Brandon gets a good ride

The next two videos make to to the Hall of Funny Videos.
In this video Jordyn gets up on her board and then casually fixes her shirt and I forget to stop the camera.
Brandon's ride is cut short

Conch Bar

When you come to visit us you will remember that we have an access to the inter coastal with our own little dock and path to the water. We keep the scouts canoe here and go out occasionally and enjoy the water way. These last few months (March and April) we have also gone out to the sand bar that appears at low tied and found many sea creatures.
I have added in this blog several pictures of our findings but another exciting bit of information I learned just this week is that our little stretch of sand actually has an official name and you can actually look it up on the internet to find tide information and such. The name is Conch Bar and that is what we discover a lot of on the bar of sand is little conch in their little shells.
this is a picture taken when Chad and his family were visiting in March.

Blake's visit in April
I call this picture Mod Squad

This guy shoots water at you as a defense. I have a video but I don't have the camera so I will post videos later

Star Fish - we would find about a dozen in our short walks.

We think this is called a Sea Cucumber

and this is a Sea Urchin - upright and upside down

Yesterday Jordyn and a neighbor friend were playing on their surf boards and they came across this huge conch! the biggest we have ever seen in our water and you can see it is still alive and in desperate need of a bigger shell.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

More Beach Pictures and More Beach

While Blake was visiting we went to the beach several times. We had good waves and little waves and too big waves and no waves but we always had fun.

More Beach
While we were there they started adding beach to our beach. If you have ever been with us to Jupiter inlet beach this is happening in front of the lifeguard hut just over from the inter coastal where the surfers like to ride.

this "barge is in the inter coastal and it moves up and down supposedly sucking up the sand from the bottom.

then these pipes run the distance from the inter coastal to where they want to put the sand. about a 1/2 a mile or more.
it blows out of the pipe and then tractors move it and smooth it.

More Beach Pictures
This is not the worst day we tried to boogie board but you get an idea of how big the waves are. here Blake is Helping Jordyn.

Jordyn had a good ride

Blake and Jordyn have mastered control of their boogie boards and spend a lot of time trying to run each other down.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Tie Dying

Thanks Natalie for the lead. Dying eggs this way was fun.

method found on goodyblog .com
wrap egg in silk tie, wrap egg and tie in white t-shirt type rag, use rubber band to hold in place. put egg in pan, cover with water at a couple of glugs of vinegar. Cover and bring to boil turn down and simmer for 25 minutes. Remove from hot water and allow to cool before removing fabric.