Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Christmas Eve

I know I've been doing a lot of writing about this past holiday, I apologize but from my point of view this is kind of like my journal and the best way I have of remembering these good times, so forgive me as I go into another description of our holiday.
For Christmas Eve and Christmas day we had rented a town home near Snow Basin in a town called Eden. It was very roomy 3 floors, 5 bedrooms and bathrooms, large kitchen, a great place for 13 people to gather for Christmas.
On a side note I must mention for posterity sake a little thing that happened just before we left Salt Lake, We were at Kent's parents house in Salt Lake when Brandon gave his wife Ali a hug, there was a loud popping sound, followed by pain in Ali's chest and the Ali was slumping to the floor. There was a unanimous consensus that Brandon and Ali should stop at a hospital on the way up the canyon and check it out. After an EKG x rays and other tests it was determined that her condition is Costochondritis, and has to do with swelling, iritation or popping out of place of the cartlidge located between the muscle and rib. It also means weeks of being careful and allowing it time to heal.
We get to the townhouse only to discover the heating is broken
and the inside temp. is somewhere in the mid 40's. The people get maintenance over to fix it right away and by evening we are warming up. In the mean time we discover the tree they told us was under the stairs was about 2 feet high so Kent, Jordyn, Brandon and Ali take off to see if they can find a real tree. They follow signs to a farm house and the farmer agrees to sell them a tree only problem is the horses that pull the wagon are put away and they will have to take the tractor Kent and Jordyn take the ride and pick out a beautiful tree. Back at the car with the tree on top the group stops at a local little store for supplies (ie: scissors, construction paper, ribbon etc.) I call and let Kent know I need super glue. When they get back everyone chips in making decorations for the tree. It was like a true old fashioned Christmas where the tree goes up Christmas Eve and the decorations are all hand made. What a fun evening. The pictures below tell the rest.

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Rachel Keyser said...

Sounds like fun times!

Just to let you know we've printed "blog books" the past 2 years. (our blog is our journal too) The website gathers the posts and pictures, and after a little bit of tweaking...they mail us a nice hard-bound journal.

In the past we've used blurb.com, but they stopped supporting blogger. My friend is trying out http://www.bloggled.com/