Monday, January 5, 2009

Doug and Natalie's House

Doug and Natalie were super great hosts. The house was just the right size for the 13 of us including 4 couples. We all had privacy, bathroom space and even a little "office" in the laundry room for when Kent was working while the rest of us slept. Natalie fixed great meals, Sunday we had glazed ham with pineapple, butt rolls and other good stuff. she made so much we had leftovers for lunch and more. Monday she made delicious pork burritos, too bad we ate at Big Judd's for lunch, some of us couldn't eat that night. Doug and Natalie cooked and cleaned and worked very hard to help us all have a great time. Thanks Natalie and Doug
We also had fun playing games, watching movies and playing wii our big event of our time in Idaho was Monday when we went sleigh riding. When we woke up that morning it was snowing so we had to make changes to our plans, we were going to the sand dunes but concerned about the road conditions we went to the college campus hills instead. here are some pictures and videos of our adventure.

Align Center
Grandad and Lexi
Doug's super idea


Auntie Jo and Lexi
Eating Snow


When we were done we drove to a little town too far away and had a terrific lunch at Big Judd's (see Chad and Shannon's blog for pictures). When we arrived back to Doug and Natalie's house we discovered there was too much new snow and we were unable to drive up the 100 yard long drive way to the house. instead while the women ran with the children to the house the men cleared the neighbors driveway and we parked our 3 vehicles there instead. The rest of the driveway story is found on Natalie and Doug's blog. sorry no pictures. Also see Chad and Shannon's blog for video of boys jumping off roof into the snow. Thanks again Natalie and Doug and James for a great time at your house.

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