Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Monday July 13 Jordyn and Judi left for a road trip to Colorado. Jordyn took the first leg of the trip driving for 5 hours through Florida, Georgia and South Carolina, Judi took over the wheel somewhere in South or North Carolina and drove for an additional 5 hours covering North Carolina, and entering Tennessee.
Jordyn, having a strong desire to drive through the Smoky Mountains, commandeered the driving position and had her first mountain driving experience. We drove through Knoxville and stayed our first night somewhere in Tennessee sharing our motel with some of the loveliest creatures.

Tuesday we drove in Tennessee, Kentucky, Illinois and into Independence Missouri. We caught the midnight showing of harry Potter that night and took a long time leaving Wednesday morning, we went to see Liberty Jail and then headed out of Missouri, through Kansas and finally into Colorado. we decided we wanted to arrive home in the day light so we spent the night in Limon Colorado and drove into Elizabeth Thursday morning.

Can't express enough the joy we have felt being here at our home in Colorado, I hope we never forget how happy we are here or what a beautiful piece of land we have. Mowing the fields, smelling the rain, camp fire, simple things but wonderful to us. Neighbors and friends.

Picked dad up at the airport Thursday night. Cleaned the yard on Friday, including moving wood debris and borrowing the neighbors tractor to mow fields.
Stained the deck and other things
and painted railings Saturday we had Uncle Mike to help us. (thank goodness, he is so good and we are so clueless, sometimes) cleared more weeds, used Uncle Mikes pressure washer to clean house, fixed faucets to the washer.
Sunday was church, we saw a lot of people we miss. Said goodbye to Uncle Mike and Lauren.
had dinner at Christiansens with the Yate's family.
Monday more yard work, had a fire and roasted marshmallows, Jordyn slept over at Christiansens.
Tuesday we took some time to play.
No not swings - serious playATV's at the Brinkworths

Later Natalie and Doug brought the boys out and we had some more fun.

Wednesday, July 22, Jordyn and I went to the library and caught up on Internet stuff while Kent went golfing with Nathan and Randy.

Thursday - went water skiing with Doug and family boat, Kent had a great ride and even though he was worried what water skiing would do to his golf swing he still was a bit of a show off. Jordyn tried really hard to get up on one ski but the ski was always stuck in the rope. She enjoyed a wild tube ride though.

James loved the water, he went on 2 tube rides and even fell in the water and didn't seem to mind. We went back to Elizabeth and continued to work on the house. Natalie has all the pictures for this event.

Friday July 24- Natalie and James had the flu so we didn't see them, I would say that we worked in the yard all day and went to East Cafe for dinner - still the best wanton soup and sesame chicken ever.
but that is not exactly true while I may have been home slaving a way in the yard Kent and Jordyn had another adventure. They climbed a fourteen er named Mt. Bernstat.

Saturday - Worked on house, Natalie and family came out, James still not eating or feeling well, played hard though and had a good time, James took a bath hot.

Sunday - went to church, enjoyed seeing everyone again, showing off my grandsons, James went to nursery, Michael slept through all three meetings. Natalie's family left for the Allen's again. we had Edwards and Yates over to roast marshmallows.
Took Kent to airport at midnight - Jordyn threw up when we got home - before she got in the house.

Monday - spent day making plans for finishing work, Jordyn not a 100% yet. Going to dinner with Kristen at Buffalo Boyd s.

Tuesday, July 28, Natalie stayed a few extra days in Colorado, she spent Monday with Doug's family and then came out on Tuesday to help us continue on the inside of the house. She has experience now that she is married to builder Doug.
First plan of attack. paint the trim from cinnamon red to pleasant white.
Jordyn's door is removed from the hinges.

I'm on the entertainment committee

While the white trim is drying we tape and paint the back bedroom.
While taping we found a couple of bb's embedded in the wall. Any guesses on who would shoot a gun in the house?

This is all the painting we didn't get done with the first can of paint.

no pictures of the finished girls room or now known as the "green" room.

Blake arrived from Idaho late Wednesday night. He may have missed out on most of the painting but he was a huge help everywhere else, including replacing a insinkerator, fixing a belt on the lawn mower, cleaning the gutters and the chimney, chopping wood, digging up cactus and a bunch of stuff I am sure I have forgotten.
It seemed to be somewhat rainy the week that Natalie and the boys were here but on the last morning as she was packing up and getting ready to go we had a bit of sun shine and James was at last alowed to go and play outside.
Auntie Jo took him out and he ran freely mud-lucious and puddle wonderful as any two year old could be, but not to last...James tripped and fell and where did he fall? right in a cactus.he was very snuggly with Auntie Jo for a little while.
Blake, Jordyn and I continue to work hard through the weekend and into Monday as well.
Monday August 3 was Jordyn's last day in Colorado so she and Blake invited friends over for a little Capture the Flag. I invited some friends of my own for a little hot dog and Marshmellow roast. All in all I count over 35 people running around our place that night and I think everyone had a good time. I know I did.

Jordyn flew out early Tuesday morning. Blake and I finished up all we could and left for Florida Thursday morning. We drove for 3 days back tracking the same route Jordyn and I took without the Liberty Jail detour.

Other pictures we took around the place that we would like to share.

Lauren discovered this humming bird next in our big maple tree.
I was trying to take a picture of the Holly Hocks when this
humming bird flew right in the picture.
Gypsy was really happy to be back in Colorado. But I think she developed allergy's
Gypsy had a bad hair day
(static electricity)
Driving through the Smoky's Blake and I made a detour to see wild animals, (not on purpose) we got stuck in a long line of sight seeing people and didn't even get to see what they were all looking at as this ranger broke up things so we could start moving again.

Coming as soon as I can figure out how to set it up.
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