Wednesday, April 30, 2008


We have been married 30 years as of Monday the 28th! We think that is a big deal. To celebrate Dad and I took a trip to the keys in Florida.We rented a cute little house with a hot tub
in the back yard.

We saw the light house and went to the most southern point of the United States. Along with that we saw the most southern hotel, hokey rink, house etc, etc, etc...

We took pictures of unique looking homes, oldest home,

sailboats at sunset and some of the more interesting locals (didn't I see this guy in Mary Poppins?)

there was an unusually tall couple checking into this hotel.

We found the beginning and end of US1 depending on if you are coming or going.(this is the very same highway that runs in front of our neighborhood.)

This is a banyan tree blow this picture up to get a better look.

This is another type of tree, I forget it's name but they use it to fill life jackets like the Mae West kind. can't use if for cloths though because it falls apart.

We ate at the local establishments (this is the salad I broke my tooth on)

We rented a scooter to tour the town and that was done very quickly so we left Key West and went exploring. we went down one road that looked some what remote and came to an area that had tall fence and seemed that it should say "No Trespassing" but it didn't so we went through the gate that was open. a 1/2 mile in to this remote area the scooter broke down. a family showed up and we asked them to help us and they did try to get the scooter going but they couldn't give us a ride back to town as they were going fishing. So we walked the bike out the 1/2 mile and just then another small truck came by with young men in it. we offered them money to take us back to town and they were hesitant but then said yes after they dropped the beer off at their party some ways back in there. so we waited and after sometime they came back and loaded the bike in the truck and as we drove into town we learned a bit about the place where we had been. It's not a real well known place, it was military property but he didn't think it was to bad to be there as the cops had come to one of his party's and visited and then left. He explained that there were several of these huge canals that the military had blasted out to hide submarines during world war II and that the snorkeling in these canals was great. We went back to the area in our car and drove a little further and saw 5 or six of these canals one had a bunch of these interesting jelly fish in it. these other pictures are of dad trying to decide if he was going in or not and then he did. (different canal than the jelly fish)


Chad Keyser said...

that looks like a lot of fun, too bad your scooter broke down. oh and happy anniversary!!

Doug and Natalie Allen said...

I wish we had more fun like that when we were there on our honeymoon. Seems like there are some cool things to see.

Rachel Keyser said...

Happy (belated) Anniversary!

Kurt Keyser said...

That picture of Kent in the hot tub reminds me of the Snow Monkeys of Nagano Japan:

What could be better than lounging in a hot tub like an Uncle Kent... er... Snow Monkey.

Kurt Keyser said...

That didn't work, let's try this:
Snow Monkey