Sunday, April 20, 2008

Hollywood Disney with the Christiansens

While we waited at the park entrance for the Christiansen's to arrive we entertained ourselves by having our pictures taken with Jordyn.

Then the Christiansen's arrived and the fun really began.

We had the line waiting thing down no problem.

we saw beauty and the beast (this is ann's favorite color of pink)

and speaking of beauty's - Erin, Kelli and Jordyn were just some of the beauty's in our group. Just look at all these beauty's.

this was supposed to be a wet ride. Dad really wanted to get wet but it didn't happen.
Blake has a really bad cold this whole trip with huge headaches but he was cheerful the entire day anyway.

The entire day was a big hit. Mom even liked the elevator ride, the one where it drops extremely fast and then shoots back up and drops again and again and again.
The biggest hit of the day for us was the stunt driving cars. 4 small cars zip around in a small area doing mock chase scenes. it amazed us how fast they would be going and then they would spin around in a little circle and stop on a dime side by side. Wish we had pictures to show you.
The evening for us ended with an amazing light show. Parts of the show they would shoot sheets of water in the air and show movie scenes on it.

At the end of the day we are happy, entertained and ever grateful for good friends.


Chad Keyser said...

That looks like fun. How long were the Christiansens in town for? That is too bad for Blake, that cold has really gone through our whole family. Lexi has it now, and has not been a good sport about it like Blake.

Doug and Natalie Allen said...

I wish we could have been there. I think James would have loved it! Ok maybe not. But it would have been a lot of fun.

Rachel Keyser said...

Looks like fun! We're taking Craig & Nancy to the Six Flags by us on Saturday.