Thursday, May 1, 2008

Jordyn's Poetry

Jordyn's Honor's English class is studying poetry and she has had to write several poems for homework. here is one of the many that she has written.

White Hope

White is the image of virtue

Bright and strong as the sun

White are the souls of the children

Young, innocent and trusting

White is the sound of the church bells

Singing their songs of praise

White is the color that makes people stare

They stare at the difference between black and white

They stare at the purity of repentance

They stare at white

White is the color grey yearns to be

White, I always look for white.

The memories of my childhood summers

With the warmth of the sun beating on my soul

The sight of the white daisies

Smiling up to the sun

White is my childhood

White is the untouched virgin

With purity found in her stare

White is the round womb of a mother

With innocence cupped in her grail

White will be the new world we live in

When we at last pass through the veil

White is the hope of a brighter future.

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