Monday, May 21, 2012


Kent and I took a few days and went to the Keys, the original plan was to take our brand new Toyota 4 Runner and pull the wave runners (boats) and play on the ocean but on Wednesday, the day before we were to leave we found out that the 4 Runner we were set to buy did not have the third seat that would allow us to take grandchildren and other people when they all come to visit so we had no car to pull the boats but we did have paid reservations, we went without the boats, Friday morning we are looking at the ocean and it is so flat and nice and we are wishing we could go out and play, we found a place to rent a wave runner and go on a tour  with a group.  On the tour we had some free play time, Kent and I took turns driving through the water, turning tight circles and having fun, we saw a turtle and tried to get close but it swam to the bottom and waited for us to leave. We then joined the group and found a reef to snorkel at, mostly reef/rock formations, we did find a ray hiding under the sand, after we went to shallow sandy area and sat in the water, still trying to figure out why people think this is fun, we see it at low tide around our home all the time. Wouldn't you rather be out driving your boat and pulling people on skis and tubes and things.  Next we took a high speed ride to and on the gulf coast which means we were on two oceans in one day, on the way back we came across a "heard" of spotted eagle rays, what a fun day.

This is a picture of Kent taking a picture of a large iguana 
we may not have the picture that Kent is taking because the camera got wet on the wave runners
 Later that evening after a nice shower we went back to town and had a nice dinner at Morada Bay
Tables were on the beach set up for sun set
 A band was playing
 We took a couple of chairs near the water to watch the sun set
 as the sun was setting this car came coasting across the ocean
 yes I said car - a pink car with the name "NAUTILIMO" across the side
 later that night we drove to another restaurant for a Key Lime pie dessert
while there we were entertained with fire

Saturday looked rainy so we decided against anything on the water, we drove to Key West
there was a marathon that day and we saw runners all the way to Key West, they had started in Key Largo, Key Largo to Key West is about 80 miles.  We did the usual in Key West, looked in a lot of shops, ate lunch and road a tour trolly, it was a fun day. we headed Back to Key Ilsamorada, planning dinner there however along the road we came upon a bad accident right at the beginning of Long Key Bridge. We were about 30 cars back so we guess the accident had happened about 5 before we got there. We were in a long line of cars but figured we should just wait based on the traffic you see on the Keys it could be backed up for miles.

 While we waited we watched a helicopter land, I filmed the landing and then when I turned the camera off realized that I wasn't filming at all. but I did get the video of the copter taking off again. 

After the helicopter left and the ambulances and the firetrucks we still had to wait for the tow trucks and the timing was just about right to catch another sunset and so there we were for the entire sunset...we shot a picture and 

and then another 
and another
You get the point I mean what else do you do when you are stuck on a 80 mile highway named over seas highway  for a couple of hours.  We had a late dinner which we enjoyed.
Sunday wound up the weekend with a quick trip to the church branch in Marathon, interesting experience, I counted 19 people including us and a missionary couple who were there for their first Sunday. A nice drive home.


Jordyn said...

Wow, those pics are beautiful! Glad you and dad had a fun get away weekend :)

Steve Finnell said...


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