Sunday, February 12, 2012


Our last tenants moved out just before Christmas, we weren't in a huge hurry to get the house in the paper again because we were so busy with a wedding and family Christmas in Utah, Chad's family visiting in January and so on, so we didn't get the house listed until February. At first I thought I had made a mistake in posting because we had no calls, then I did finally get a couple of emails at which point I realized that I had forgotten to include a picture of the house, that fixed I got a couple of more emails requesting more photo's, we only had the one of the outside of the house I told the people that Kent would be in town on the 6th and he would take pictures but that would also be the best time to come and see the house. Well there was a snow storm on Friday, Saturday and even some into Sunday....19 inches we are told (why not round it off to 20?)

When Kent got to Denver Monday he rented a Tahoe 4 wheel drive, drove to Elizabeth, used the neighbors driveway until he got to the crossover (repentance way.....named because if you took the wrong driveway you could fix your mistake without going clear out again), he turned into our drive and made it maybe 20 ft. before becoming completely stuck. He walked to the neighbors to get James and John to help him dig out and that's about when the people from Arizona showed up to look at the house. Kent said "I can show you the house but we will have to walk in." So in heavy snow up to their knees they trudged to the house. The woman had a very hard time catching her breath by the time they got to the house. They loved the house but couldn't get over the snow. (really we don't even get a storm like this every year) That couple I think regret not jumping on the house right away, they keep calling us to ask more questions like the house is still available but after they left another family, husband, wife and 2 boys showed up, the wife said she wasn't wearing the right shoes and waited in the car while Kent took the husband and boys to the house to look around. I hear the boys really loved the laundry shoot and were sending there jackets down to the laundry room. They asked Kent if we ever see critters and he said yes we have deer all the time, that's about when they reached the fire pit and caught two deer hanging around.

deer that showed up to help rent the house

They saw the house on Monday, had the paper work filled out on Tuesday, we had the driveway plowed on Thursday and the wife saw the house on Thursday afternoon on the way to the post office with their cashiers check which we had by Saturday morning and they had the keys by noon that day. WOW wish it could always be that easy. So here are a few of the pictures Kent took while there that won't be posted in Craigs least this time around. Would you rent a house with this kind of snow?

Large Family room with wood burning stove
(this is where I like to set up my mattress when I go to visit the empty house in the winter -by the fire )

Family room looking to kitchen and hall way

Master Bedroom

Master Bath

Back porch - some shoveling done to get to back yard

Front porch and walk - shoveled

fire pit - at least you can see the logs to sit on

house from fire pit
I really miss this place, can't wait until we are snowed in for a couple of days, digging snow with the tractor and drinking hot chocolate. I know....crazy.

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Jordyn said...

Awe man... I miss it! Thanks for sharing. SO.... you don't mind if Ben and I move in with you two in a couple of years? Haha, Only joking... mostly...