Saturday, May 28, 2011


On Saturday May 21, 2011 Kent and I received a call from an emergency room in Burley Idaho Hospital (on Jordyn's cell phone). The nurse on the other end said "Jordyn has been in a little accident but she is just fine." then went on to say things like "she is in x rays and cat scans now" "the car was t boned on her side" "they had to cut her out of the car" by now I am realizing this is not a "little" accident. The truth was, at that time the nurse didn't know the extent of Jordyn's injuries. In the end we are very grateful that it was just a couple of deep flesh wounds, a broken foot and some bruised organs (the usual, kidney, liver etc.) Here are some pictures.
Jordyn on the ambulance board

smashed car

What's left of her seat where she was sitting

Broken foot

One of two gashes by right arm pit
(please tell me if this is to graphic, I find it interesting but Kent can't look at it)

One week later, Jordyn has seen a dentist and started repair to chipped teeth. Seen a Dr. and had stitches removed. Resumed class schedule (just in time for mid-semester finals), she uses a "back pack" on wheels to get around as she still can not carry weight on her back. She has resumed work out at the gym (upper body only). and is headed out for sushi as I write this.

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Melissa said...

The pictures aren't too graphic, just upsetting. I can not even begin to imagine how you felt getting that call. Jordyn is so special to us over here and we are so grateful she is ok. I can't believe she was smiling so big in that one picture!! Only Jordyn....