Monday, May 30, 2011


This has been a big weekend for Brandon and his family.
Friday Brandon was commissioned a Captain in the Air Force
The first video - Brandon taking his oath

The second video - Brandon is being pinned by an officer and a family member - in this case his wife Allison - representing that family and military work together to make great soldiers.

There were 21 students in the whole Nova medical profession (Dr.s Dentists, Nurses, etc.) that were accepted into the military scholarship program

Brandon with 2 of his friends

and their wives
Jackson was entertaining

Sunday was commencement ceremonies for the entire medical program
Governor Rick Scott was key speaker

Brandon being hooded

Jackson trying to fit into his dad's hat

It's a family affair
Allison also graduated this year with a degree in Elementary Education

What do you wish this person with a bump on his head!
Jackson received not one but two bumps on his head Sunday morning at Grammy and Grandad's house.

What a great weekend for the Brandon Keyser family. We are so proud of them.

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