Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Week Two - Part Two - or Road Trip to Colorado

Teri and I left the Florida home Friday morning on July 30th, actually I think we left several times and finally got on the road about 1 hour after our original planned time. We spent a good part of the day driving through Florida. The map quest only took us on one unnecessary coastal detour and we only messed up the instructions once (in Florida).

I should let you know I have a thing about bridges
This one was on our detour but there was and identical one in Savannah

This old bridge was in Savannah

We weren't really sure where to go in Savannah Georgia
so we got behind a tour trolley and followed it through the town.

Then we found the water front
water and ships on one side of the road
Shops and tourist traps on the other. We had fun.
We drove that first day through Florida Georgia, South and North Carolina
We spent the first night in North Carolina. We were exhausted.
Funny story about the road signs in North Carolina, we were driving on a two lane each way high way and the sign was posted "no semi's in left lane" followed by a construction sign that read "right lane closed ahead" I thought it was funny, maybe it was the hour of night.
Saturday, day two of the road trip. We drove to the town of Cherokee where they have a zillion stores run by the natives in the area, we spent hours in this town shopping but didn't get any pictures. I had discovered that I left my memory card to my camera at home in the computer and hadn't replaced it yet so all these pictures are from Teri's camera.
After leaving Cherokee we drove through the Smoky mountains and it rained off and on as we went so we got to see why they are called the smoky mountains.

On the other side of the Smokys (we are now in Tennessee) we came into the tourist town of Gatlinburg. The traffic was horrendous but we saw a Hard Rock Cafe and we had to stop for souvenirs for Teri's Friend and Grandson (we also went to the Hard Rock in Florida, just long enough to get the souvnirs)

After the Hard Rock Cafe we had lunch near by at Corky's
We drove into Nashville that evening and found a hotel for the night

The next day - day three was Sunday so we didn't feel like touring too much, we drove through Nashville, took pictures of interesting things and drove the rest of the day to Keokuk, Iowa, just the other side of the mississippi of Nauvoo Illinois.

Sunday night shot of the Nauvoo Temple
we met the President of the Temple outside and got to visit with him.
Monday morning we did a session in the Temple and got a mini tour of the baptistry.
We drove to Carthage jail

Then back to Nauvoo

leaving Nauvoo and Illinois crossing over the Mississippi
(did I mention I like bridges)

Spent the night near the boarder of Iowa and Nebraska
Drove all day Tuesday through Nebraska, and Colorado,
Jordyn was already in Colorado staying at our good friends home (they let us stay there as well even though they were on their annual back packing trip in Wyoming)
We had dinner that night at our favorite restaurant in the town of Elizabeth, Botana Junction.

We drove through 11 (15 if you count the ones we hit on more than one day) States
and drove 2600 + miles.

Teri is a lot of fun to take a road trip with, Thanks Teri lets do this again.

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