Sunday, September 5, 2010


Part One - Week One - or Teri Comes to Town

Kent's sister Teri came to visit us in Florida partly because she needed a vacation, partly because I needed a road trip partner and mostly because we have so much fun together.

We road the wave-runners

Saw two turtles released
(happens every time Teri comes to visit)

Teri loved the little car
wish we could have taken it on the road trip

We went north to the Epcot Center on this day because
storm Bonnie was causing weather in the south.

We did get a little Bonnie up north too but not enough to ruin our fun day.

Kent came with us to the Flaggler museum

Brandon, Ali and Jackson joined us at the Vizcaya Mansion

Gounds were amazing

indoor/outdoor swimming
(pool was being drained that day for cleaning but the water usually fills up the inside as well)

After the mansion we said goodbye to Brandon and Ali
and after I was attacked by a swarm of fire ants
we found our way to the Biscay Key light house

we climbed the many stairs and then continued up into the light chamber

it is sort of claustrophobic in this area

Some of the view from the top
We could actually see this Sting Ray from way up
We had a great time and look forward to future visits from Teri and anyone else who would love to see the Florida area while we are here.

Next post coming soon (I hope) Part two - our road trip to Colorado

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