Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Story This Week

We are out in the ocean and we are riding around. We stop to have a conversation and I see this big brown blob. I ask "is that a sea cow or a big buoy or what" (I thought Sea Cow because it was just floating and not making any progress in any direction) So we go over to have a look and see this big turtle. Alive but not doing to well. we called Fish and game and they called the turtle people but no one called us back. We played in the area for about an hour and no one came so we gave up and headed home. Sad story. While we were waiting we did see something with a fin keep showing up but never found out if it was dolphin or shark.

On the way back we came across this little guy

I guess he is at least 6 ft. wide maybe more he did swim under Kent's wave runner and Kent thought he was bigger than the machine.


Doug and Natalie Allen said...

so do you guys have waterproof phones or something? I am surprised that you had phones to call the turtle people.

Judi said...

Always have our phones in case something happens...We keep them wrapped in towels in zip lock bags in the "water proof" compartment, we also do the same with the camera.