Monday, June 21, 2010

First Picture of Injury

The incident or occurrence happened early Saturday morning, June 19, 2010, on the Ocean just North of the Jupiter Inlet, without to much detail we were on wave runners enjoying smooth blue water headed out to snorkel. I... stopped to communicate about where we were headed, 10-20 seconds later looked back and my Son and his wife were headed right at my boat. He was looking around and did not know I stopped and Boom…fortunately he was able to start a turn and did not hit direct, just caught the right side of my boat and my leg dead on. I spent a few minutes in the Ocean as shark bait before we gathered ourselves together and drove in off the water… Judi picked me up and chauffeured me to my week-long get away.


Chad Keyser said...


Casey Gentle said...

ditto to chad...OUCH! details!!

SMoyes said...

I was going to say ouch! too before I saw everyone elses comment. ;-)