Sunday, November 8, 2009

Two Silly Stories

Finger Nails
I had a rough week with finger nails and several were broken and not looking well at all, Kent and I had a dinner with the executives and founder of the company this week, so a rash decision and I now have acrylic nails. I discovered too late that they are a hindrance when applying contact lenses to the eye and have had to resort to wearing glasses for several days. Saturday I returned to the nail place and (many women in the shop were entertained by my plight) had one finger trimmed down, I now can apply the lens but seem to have lost one trying to remove it. These nails may not make it through the holiday.

Story 2

Saga of the Flower Bed or Flower Bed vs Palm Tree
I planted flowers Friday, in front under the palm tree, not too long after the nieghbor's dog, Patches, chased Bean up the palm tree and proceeded to circle, dance, and jump around the tree, tearing several of the flowers out of the ground. Flowers replanted, watered, all is well.
Did I mention that it has been very windy this week? Well the wind blew all night and Saturday morning I discovered several new coconuts on the ground in my flower bed, poor flowers. More water and tender care, wind continues to blow. Saturday night I am headed out and what do I discover on my flowers.....

The dog continues to chase the cat and the wind continues to blow, the tree has plenty more to drop so this story may have more to tell.

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AliBrand said...

I did not foresee that problem looks like your fighting a losing battle mother, better settle for the occasional coconut plant popping up in that area. I wander if your tomato plants are growing like ours are I have had to thin the box a couple times now because they keep growing up but not out.