Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween 2009

Halloween Weekend Extravaganza

Ward party Blake and Jordyn went as nerds

We worked real hard to try and give Blake an Albert Einstein hairdo.
We gave out a total of 6 candy bars.
This is the twins that live across the street

Jordyn and Blake carved pumpkins


Shannon said...

Nice costumes. I hope you all had a fun Halloween.

Doug and Natalie Allen said...

I like your pumpkins. Doug found the picture online and used it to carve his pumpkin. To do the "shading" he used an exacto knife to only cut part of the pumpkin off. It was a lot of work.

Chad Keyser said...

So Blakes idea of dressing up for Halloween was to put on some glasses? The rest look normal for him! And Jordyn looks like she just had to borrow an outfit from Blake. :-)

April Henderson said...

Very cute, in a nerdy way!

Chad Keyser said...

Just so you know, your costumes were really creative. My previous comment was intended to point out the obvious fact (as a joke) that Blake is a nerd everyday. For some reason very few people understand my humor, especially when it is written so I thought i better clarify.