Monday, October 19, 2009


Week 3 of my trip was the most fun. Actually it was only 5 days but the most busiest fun filled of the whole trip.
Wednesday: drove from Logan to Salt Lake.
My parents: Computer time with Dad. Sudoku time with Dad. Home made bread with parents. Visit until time to pick Kent up at midnight.
Thursday: Stayed with Kent's parents while Kent worked in Provo and Draper. Drove back to Logan. Dinner with Chad's family.
Friday: Kent golfed in Brigham with Chad and brother Mike. Swam at hotel with girls, Natalie's family joined us in time for dinner. Card games in our hotel room while kids slept in other room. (used hotel phone as monitor)
Saturday:Kent drove to Salt Lake for work. The rest of us swam in hotel pool, went to a farmers market and had lunch. Kent joined us for a trip to the American West Heritage Center. Had a lot of fun there, pony rides, train rides, chasing chickens, mazes, hay stacks, shooting vegetables from a sling. Down side: Myra broke her arm jumping from the hay stack. Freak accident but she had to go to Salt Lake to have "wires" (more like rods) put in her arm to stabilize the bone. Dinner that night and then more card games back at hotel.
The infamous hay stack

Sunday: was almost canceled due to the broken arm but amazingly Myra was released very early in the morning and Chad's family was able to make it back to Logan in time to bless their baby Noah. Nice meeting followed by dinner at Golden Corral (Shannon planned a nice dinner but but with the trip to the hospital and all..... The restaurant was a nice back up plan though) I've posted just a few of my favorite pictures but Natalie has done a really nice slide show just click here. It's worth the visit.
Sunday continued: Kent's family got together at his parents, nice visit with everyone. Took Kent to airport at midnight. Back to my parents for the night and next day.
Monday: Set my dad's computer up with firefox and quick link tabs. drove out to Farmington to see sister Sue's new yard. (really Nice). She has water falls, fountains, ponds and streams and the only picture I have is of her ducks by the shed. What a miss. Take my word for it her yard is beautiful. (Grandad send me some pictures to post)

Dinner and card games with my parents. had a really great time.

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