Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A Whale Tale

We heard it on the 8:00 morning news first, a beached whale just down from the Juno pier, "hey! that's by us" I thought so Blake and I jumped in the car and followed the helicopter it the sky, then we located the news equipment and parked our car (good location too).

We watched as they worked to keep the whale cool
with wet towels and buckets of ocean watersometimes the police would move the rope to make more room for the whale
sometimes they would yell at swimmers to get out of the water.
sometimes they asked us on lookers to search the water for the mother whale
Home Depot brought in more buckets and shade contraptions which the rescue workers would continually move to keep the shade on the whale.

Blake and I had to leave before the end, we were burning in the morning sun but we heard that they were concidering moving the whale to a facility in Stuart. We also heard that the Vets were accessing the whales condition before they made a decission.
We were also told to get out of the water as whales attract sharks.


Doug and Natalie Allen said...

James liked looking at "that Nemo" that is kinda neat to be able to see. Maybe this is a dumb question but, why couldn't they just put it back in the water?

Judi said...

The whale is a 13 ft female sperm whale less than a year old. Malnourished it was reported that if they were able to put her back in the water she would have washed a shore again.

Chad Keyser said...

that is crazy that it happened by your house. Kind of cool you got to see it though. Did you ever find out how the story ended?

Judi said...

actually you all know this beach very well. this is almost exactly where we took our family pictures two years ago when we were all here together.