Saturday, August 22, 2009

Life is Tough

Friday watching the news and weather we thought we would plan our Saturday around Hurricane Bill, Bill passed by Florida sometime I think during the night and according to the news media we were going to be blessed with surf, swells and possible water erosion. Great day for Blowing Rocks I thought, we checked the tide table and planned to head over to the park near high tide, while loading the car we thought we would take the boogie boards to the beach after wards and ride some waves, we opted to leave the surf board home. When we got to Blowing Rocks entrance however the women working there said no it wasn't a good day to see the rocks, so back in the car and we head to the beach instead, we got out and walked up the bridge to check out the ocean before unloading the car. good thing because the ocean was flat, not a wave in sight. Back in the car we decided that snorkeling was a better choice for the day we drove home to change beach equipment. Back to Jupiter beach and we get our gear out and into the water we go only to discover that it's not that clear, kind of murky, no visibility. Back in the car we drive over to Coral Cove - the rocky beach - and decide to give it a try. Finally we are where we need to be for the moment anyway, we swim around the rocky area, see some fish and as we are leaving notice the waves are picking up a bit. NO we are not going back with the boogie boards.

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