Saturday, September 13, 2008

Weekend Fun

No pictures I'm sorry to say. Last night we went to Best Buy and bought a new computer screen.
Today, Saturday, Dad went to work for about 5 hours, Jordyn took the ACT again and I installed the new computer screen.
Then we went to the beach (what else would we do on a very hot Saturday afternoon) There were some waves to play in and a family with two children arrived at the same time as us, the dad had a large surf board and a small surf board and of course I struck up a conversation with them. the boy is 4 (turns 5 next weekend). then we were in the waves playing and Jordyn was trying to surf again pretty soon the dad comes out with his boy on the big surf board and starts helping him catch waves. He's good and is working on learning to turn the board in the waves. Soon the dad starts giving suggestions to Jordyn and before we are finished with our day this dad takes Jordyn out on his board and works with her. She catches a few waves and actually had a couple of good rides. We learned a lot about this dad, like he is from Calif. very good surfer, instructor and lifeguard, the only thing I didn't get is his name and phone number so we could set up some surfing lessons when Blake and Natalie come to visit. We do have to get a different board though the one we have is for experienced surfers. wish I had a camera.

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