Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Labor Day Weekend

Brandon came to visit us over the holiday weekend. Alison was in Arizona with her family, we missed her. Friday night we had a late dinner and then went bowling. It has become a habit of Kent's to golf on Saturday and that is exactly what he and Brandon did, then as always when Brandon comes we have to go to the beach. Because of the disturbances in the ocean (Gustav and Hanna) the waves were very rough and nearly impossible to stay on our feet. Later we watched some college football.

This is Brandon and Kent watching football.We finished the night off with a few wild games of Hand and Foot. Sunday was the usual, church dinner, a walk on the beach and more Hand and Foot. Monday we made an early trip to the beach and played on the boogy boards and surf board. The waves were huge but easier to manage and we had a lot of fun. Brandon had to leave to get home in time for Ali's flight With the rest of the day still at hand Kent headed to the golf course and Jordyn did homework.
That's what we did how was your weekend. We sure would love to have you all come and visit.

This what Kent does after golf! I think he is reliving some of his better shots.

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