Sunday, July 27, 2008

Gypsi's big advnture's

Last Thursday we rented a motor boat and toured the intra coastal with Jordyn and her friend. After picking up the boat we stopped at our neighborhood and had the girls pick up food and Gypsi. The tied was high so they ferried Gypsi to the boat on a boogy board. Right away we knew that Gypsi enjoyed boat riding, she enjoyed standing at the front and looking at everything.

It seemed that she could not get close enough to see it all or maybe it was the warm sea breeze that she enjoyed.
Along the way we stopped at a marina for more food supply's, dad had been curious about the big yachts, every time we saw one he would say "I bet that costs about $5000 to take out." Well there was a big yacht at the marina so dad asked what they spent when they fill up with gas, the guy pointed to the big yacht and said "they just filled up yesterday and spent about $43,000)
This little boat here is called Privacy and belongs to Tiger Woods, he spends about $60,000 on gas each tank.
Well I guess after a couple of hours even boat rides get a little dull.

Gypsi's next big adventure came on Sunday and we really aren't quite sure why or should I say what possessed her to do what she did.
Kent got home from church about 1:30 and let Gypsi out to go potty when Jordyn and I arrived home at 2:50 (and we know this is the time because of the phone call) we received a call from people in a boat saying the just fished our dog out of the intra coastal. she was trying to swim across it and just about made her escape but looked like she was quite worn out.
You can't tell in the picture but dad's pants are wet half way up his thighs, he had to wade out to the boat to retrieve our dog. We are so glad that she had tags with a phone number and we are very grateful to the people who stopped to pick her up, at first look they thought she was a buoy bobbing in the water. we'll have to keep a closer eye on her.

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Shannon said...

That is so crazy! Maybe she got disoriented and thought she was still on your boating venture from Thursday and was swimming out to find you.
Chad says maybe she wants to go live on Tiger Woods yacht. :-)