Thursday, November 1, 2007

windy day

October has been very busy. We had Natalie and Shannon visit with all three grandchildren. We did a lot of things while they were here including driving all the way to Key West and back in one day. (17 1/2 hours). We saw aquariums, a sea park with a great dolphin show where I got to pet and kiss a dolphin, a parrot show where Myra got to feed a parrot and a sea lion show where Natalie and Shannon got hugs and kisses. (To see the dolphins swim next to us in an open boat check out Chad and Shannon's blog.) in Key West we saw a man almost swallow a sword. I say almost because he took too much time gathering his crowd and a big thunder storm hit. We got very wet running for the car and we were still wet when we got home 5 hours later.
On another adventure we went to Lion Kingdom safari where we drive though the park and see all the wild animals roaming loose and free. we also got to feed the giraffes. See video this page.
It was a lot of fun to have the girls and kids visit and I really want to thank Chad and Doug for allowing them to come here for so long. Kent didn't get to do to much with us because he was very busy with work. Kent has been putting together a 40 page business plan for next year and for most of October he has been leaving for work and 4:30 a.m. and coming home around 7:00 p.m. he would visit with us until about 9:00 p.m. and then go to bed and start the schedule all over again. He has the plan done and in to a proof reader. it's quite impressive and I think it should be covered and bound. One day during that time he came home early and took Jordyn and I golfing. we had a great time. While Kent was in the bathroom Jordyn and I traded golf carts with him. His was faster and he would catch up to us and bump us. This was a great achievement as Kent was spending extra time in the flora looking for lost balls and found about 40 that were sitting loose in the cart basket. we thought we had to make everything look exactly the same or he would notice but there was a tear in his seat cover and he had spilled his sunflower seeds which we forgot to change. But in the end when we caught up to him a few holes later and started bumping his cart he was quite surprised.
I don't know if you get the weather reports on our tropical storms or not but we have had some fun with tropical storm Noel. He has caused havoc on Haiti and is headed to the Bahama's and even though he didn't come very close to our area he gets all the blame for the damages to our beaches. High winds that are actually caused by a low front has caused the waves at high tide to cut into the beaches and there are several areas that buildings including condo's are seriously threatened. Kent and I have been making visits to a near by beach to view the damage and made a couple of videos of the waves and surfers that are not supposed to be in the water but are having the most fun.


Shannon said...

Myra and I just watched this video and she kept saying, "Where's Grandad, Where's Grandad? I want to see Grandad."

Kurt Keyser said...

Wow, if it weren't for the great commentary by the professional film crew, I would have had no idea what exactly I was watching...