Monday, November 26, 2007

caught steeling oranges

We had a terrific Thanksgiving holiday. we hope you all did as well. Melissa, Sean and family came up from Miami, Brandon and Ali came up from Ft. Lauderdale, they also brought with them 3 couples from their ward. All in all we had 13 adults and 5 children. Dinner was great and despite the air conditioning breaking down we were relatively comfortable. Some of the adults played with the canoe while we cooked and after dinner we went to the beach and played in the waves.

Brandon and Ali arrived Wednesday night and stayed until Sunday morning. Saturday we took a trip to Orlando by way of A1A, a road that goes along the coast the entire way. We stopped at a Navy Seal museum and another museum that explained why the area is called the Treasure Coast. We learned about 11 ships carrying gold, silver and fine jewelery for a queen were wrecked in a hurricane and people today are still finding treasure along the beach. Our final destination for the trip was the Leu Gardens in Orlando. 48 acres of trees and flowers including a gorgeous rose garden.

Well that about sums up our week, the air conditioning is still broken and today is quite humid so I am anxiously waiting to hear from the repair man. we've added a few more coconuts to the count but I'm not telling how many or how many have grown yet some of you haven't added your guesses to the contest.

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Shannon said...

Just watched this video with Myra. She said,"Grammy's very naughty, I wanna watch her again."