Wednesday, April 27, 2011


The problem with my posts is that when we take a trip it is usually 2 to 4 weeks worth of pictures, so yes there are a lot of pictures but not as many as there could be.
Kent and I flew into Utah for his brother Mike's wedding. Mike and Claire first met years ago at a computer date, Claire was a senior at East High School Mike had graduated from South the year before. They dated until Mike left on his Mission and then they went their separate ways until they met up again on Face Book a year ago.

Kent and his brothers

Natalie's husband had a meeting in Salt Lake the same weekend and because their son Mikey still flies frees Doug brought Mikey along to spend a few days with Grandad and Grammy

Mikey liked this game with Grandad
he calls it one two three.
He didn't want to let Grandad got to the bathroom

The next week Judi's nephew Chris Moyes got married to Sarah
at the reception there was dancing

fill your own candy bags

decorating the car
(Blake started it Jordyn and Wendy finished it)

Traditional fighting for flowers

After the reception Jordyn and Judi head up to spend some time with Chad's family in Logan
the neighbors had a little fire for roasting marshmallows

ha ha not really as big as that picture makes it look
but still big enough for someone to call the fire department out

Myra (and her Dad the coach) had their first ever soccer game

Noah loves to put his sisters stuff on
he really likes her bike helmet

Grandmother Rowland had a birthday and turned 85
we all met at Golden Corral for dinner

Shad and Richele sang a birthday song and gave her a kiss

Yep, as I am writing on each of these pictures I am wondering why I didn't post others. This really could be a whole lot longer, all in all it was a great 2 weeks.

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Natalie Allen said...

A fire like that here would result in somebody going to jail! Also Noah looks so happy with that bike helmut on, looks like Jordyn forced it. Ha!