Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Two Weeks in Utah and Idaho

When we visit our family out west it seems like we pack several trips into one. We did it again this month of May

Our first adventure actually started out spending a day with our parents. We brought some Carl's Junior burgers to Kent's parents for lunch, spent a few hours with them and then headed to Judi's parents. We loaded everyone in the car and headed out for some Chinese dinner.
The next morning we dropped by Kent's folks again and his dad was feeling better so we loaded his parents and sister Teri in the car and went out to see the Great Salt Lake. Had lunch at Apple Bee's and then said our goodbyes.

The next big event was May 7th, Chad's graduation. Chad has been working so hard on his masters and we are so proud of him. He has been working with a professor for the last 5 years on a huge project involving Crickets and finding a fungus to protect farmers plants from them. His Thesis is the size of a book and has a title to match. Development of a Laboratory-Based System for Selecting Insect Pathogenic Fungi with Greatest Potential for Success in the Field. Here are some pictures of the graduation.

The Hooding
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Our next adventure the next day May 8th, Doug and Blake drove down from Idaho early and joined Kent and Chad on the golf course, while Shannon and I took Myra, Lexi and Noah to the Farmers Market. Natalie, Jordyn, James and Michael joined us by noon.
We had a picnic in the park and celebrated Myra's birthday a couple of days early.

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and ended the evening with a swim in the hotel pool. What a great day.

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Sunday was Mother's Day, we went to church with Chad's family and then had a wonderful dinner at their home. too soon it was time to leave. Doug, Blake and Jordyn headed to Idaho. Kent, Judi, Natalie, James and Michael headed to SLC. We stopped at Judi's parents, wished her mom a happy mothers day, visited with family and then headed to Kent's parents house where we had desert with his brothers, sisters and parents.

Kent caught a plane and headed back to sunny Florida, Natalie and I spent a couple of days shopping, Natalie had her hair cut and then we headed up to Idaho.

A whole week in Idaho, spent time with Natalie's family, Blake and Jordyn. Went to class with Jordyn one day. Blake and Jordyn came to dinner a few times, we did the park a few times, and one evening we had a hot dog roast at the sand dunes. The next day was Micheal's big number one birthday.

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Jordyn and Kelli

James loves the Dunes

Watch James in this video

My part of the trip ended on May 19th with a drive from Idaho to Logan to visit with Chad's family again. I shopped at the cheese factory, and played with my grandchildren, had dinner and visited some more and left very late almost leaving Gypsy behind.
I drove to my parents and we visited until my dad reminded me what time I should be at the airport. I was to late and missed my flight so I spent an extra night with my parents.

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