Wednesday, April 22, 2009

More Beach Pictures and More Beach

While Blake was visiting we went to the beach several times. We had good waves and little waves and too big waves and no waves but we always had fun.

More Beach
While we were there they started adding beach to our beach. If you have ever been with us to Jupiter inlet beach this is happening in front of the lifeguard hut just over from the inter coastal where the surfers like to ride.

this "barge is in the inter coastal and it moves up and down supposedly sucking up the sand from the bottom.

then these pipes run the distance from the inter coastal to where they want to put the sand. about a 1/2 a mile or more.
it blows out of the pipe and then tractors move it and smooth it.

More Beach Pictures
This is not the worst day we tried to boogie board but you get an idea of how big the waves are. here Blake is Helping Jordyn.

Jordyn had a good ride

Blake and Jordyn have mastered control of their boogie boards and spend a lot of time trying to run each other down.

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