Saturday, February 28, 2009


Jordyn had a great birthday (as good as it can be when it's just you and your two parents)Dad is very proud of his sign, he thinks this may be one of his best yet.
But tradition lives on...can you find the mistake in this one?

We took Jordyn to dinner at a fancy restaurant. She had a yummy Sea Bass and I had a yummy skirt steak with chimchurri sauce. Dad's looked the best but wasn't. Jordyn got calls from everyone. here she is talking to Grandma or Grandpa.

And then there is the traditional B day cake with the bad singing.


Chad Keyser said...

Nice sign Dad...the only mistake that I can see is that you seem to think that Jordyn got some kind of promotion at work... Everybody knows though, that Jordyn has managed to live 18 year and never have real job, let alone one extracting coal or precious oars from the earth. (Of course "Miner" could mean something else in Florida since you don't even have mountains.)

Judi said...

You big rude!! I have too had a real job, I've been a professional dog walker, an extremely experienced babysitter, and a highly educated Violin Teacher. So, ha!