Tuesday, June 3, 2008

As you know, when Jordyn plays her violin she makes some interesting faces usually looking unhappy, well she has decided to work on that this week and made a video of her atempt(s) to smile. This has backfired on her as dad and I think well I won't tell you what we think we would like to hear how you enjoyed this little movie.


Judi said...

What dad and I really thought and Jordyn as well was that it was so funny that Jordyn couldn't finish watching it, I was laughing so hard I was wiping tears away and dad was choking on a gobstopper he had inhaled. Jordyn is a good sport to let us share this.:)

Doug and Natalie Allen said...

Wow! You can really tell by your face when you get to the really hard parts. Also sometimes you look really scared! Maybe you should just try a mask or something!

Chad Keyser said...

This is great we watched it together and had a hard time staying in our chairs. Myra really liked a lot.

People are always trying to synchronize fireworks or dancing to music, and you Jordyn, just naturally do it with your facial expressions, it sure makes the classical music a lot more interesting. I don't think that you should try to change anything!

Marquie said...

Hey Jordyn,
That was really good! your faces were really funny, but it was amazing!
Marquie H.