Thursday, March 20, 2008

Hurricane Preparation -end of coconuts

They came today, these men in trucks with their latter's and their chain saws and funny language. "Lady" they said, "we must cut and trim your trees in preparation for the hurricane season." They do this evil on the trees every year but I have yet to see a hurricane.
I pleaded with these men "please" I cried, "spare the coconuts, I must count my coconuts" and then they looked and they saw my growing coconuts and they said "amazing women you grow coconuts, you truly are the coconut lady, we will grant your wish and leave your coconuts"

And so they started their chain saws and climbed their latter's. They attacked every tree in the small little yard. they cut and cut for many hours and when they were done, and the trucks were gone the dust had settled, and yes, they left their messes piled by the road for someone else to clean up. (It amazes me to see how much they cut every year and still it can look as nothing has happened at all)

But in the end they had set aside the coconuts for the coconut lady to count and to plant and to grow to her hearts content.

Want to guess how many coconuts are in the two piles here before looking to the right side to see. there are two piles, the smaller pile are small "baby" coconuts.


Chad Keyser said...

Ok, so I think that you need to remove the part that says "guess how many coconuts there are before you look at the number right next to this line, yes that number immediately after this word, ###. Because everyone (with less self control then me) is going to look to see what number you are talking about. Although, I didn't look, but rather estimated the exact number of coconuts and now am unable to claim my amazing deduction because the answer is right there. That is a cool nick name though, coconut-lady.

Kent said...
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