Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Backing up a bit. We wanted to share some of our memories of Christmas.

Kent Jordyn and I flew to Utah on the 21st of December and Blake drove up from Colorado on the 23rd. Chad and Shannon drove down from Logan on the 24th. We did have one day, the 27th where we had everyone - including Brandon and Allison at Bear Lake, that was a lot of fun.

While were in Salt Lake Doug took us on a tour of the Draper Temple. Here are a few of the pictures we took there.

Christmas eve we joined the Keyser family at the Club house. There was representation from every family. It was the first time Kent and I have been able to be there for about 100 years.

Natalie and Jordyn played a duet
and Shannon accompanied them.

James sorted the white elephant gifts

Teri and I enjoyed our grandbabies

Myra was most interested in opening the gifts,
she really didn't notice to much what was inside
This is all the "brothers" on the Rowland side.

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