Friday, October 19, 2007

Growing Coconuts

We have a nice palm tree in the front yard and just this week it started dropping coconuts on the ground around us. Kent and I decided we would use them to line the shrub area. We got them all set up so pretty when a neighbor was driving by and saw what we were doing he thought we were planting them to grow. (I didn't know you could grow them even though we have one growing just behind the big tree) Neighbor Rob offered to share with me the big "coconut secret" and explained how they needed to be placed just so on the ground and they would grow. After they sprout you can dig them up and move them. So if you are interested in a Palm Tree with coconuts these are just the first 25 we have started with. Check out the video and place a guess on how many you think we will end up with. 1 guess for how many fall and another guess on how many actually sprout. I think there should be a prize for each category winner.

Up date: October 30th. this video is not the original. the first one I shot had 25 coconuts this one actually has about 40. If I filmed it today there would be 78 coconuts.


Doug and Natalie Allen said...

That is pretty funny. Where is the video that we can look at?

Steve and Marilyn said...

This is awesome. It makes us want to visit Florida! We miss you all!
We think that you've planted 38 and 18 will grow...and we want one to transplant back in Colorado when they're big enough...:)

Chad Keyser said...

not too many guesses so i guess 43 will start to grow and 88 will be the final number to fall.

Kurt Keyser said...

You really want 88 coconuts growing in a tight, fence-like pattern around the front of your house like that? Hmm... what are you guys hiding?